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5 Reasons Your Fantasy Teams Suck!

We all love playing fantasy sports, but the sad reality is….Most of you suck at it. Yes, I’m being a bit blunt and perhaps some may say rude. But sometimes it takes it a swift kick in the ass to wake up and realize what your doing is wrong.

If you are tired of always losing and especially losing to that one girl in your league every year, listen up, cause I’m about to tell you why your fantasy teams always suck!

You don’t pay attention to bye weeks

This one mainly pertains to NFL fantasy, but can also be relevant to other sports. If you are unaware when your players have a bye, you could end up with a week where you’re starting 2nd stringers at most positions.

I made this mistake this year when I wound up drafting 5 players with the same bye week. Come week 9, I was scrambling for players off a very thing waiver wire.

You overrate players

Just because a player is a household name, does not mean they are worth taking in early rounds. A lot of people play fantasy sports and don’t follow the sport all that much. They know the big names, but that’s it. They go off names they know and fail to realize that just because they have name power, does not mean they are still good.

Players like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce come to mind. They still are big names, but not very good anymore. Yet, just because Kevin Garnett is going to be future hall of famer, has really not worth drafting anymore.

You don’t set your lineup

This one pisses me off more than anything. In every league I play in, there is at least 1 dude who never pays attention and fails to set his lineup when there is an injury or a bye. This not makes your team suck; it takes away from the integrity of the league. This is basically giving a team a free win which could mean the difference between you making the playoffs and missing out in some cases.

For your own sake and for the sake of the league, set your team, even if it’s a scrub, have a full lineup.

You don’t know who your opponents have drafted

This is one is a bit more subtle, but paying attention to what players your other opponents in the league have drafted can help you out big time.

Say you need a running back and there is 1 you are eying. But, there is also a top wide receiver that could be more valuable to you. Yet, if you don’t take the running back, you could end up with choosing from Toby Gerhart and Ben Tate.gerhart

If you were paying attention to the team behind you, you would have noticed that they already have 4 decent running backs. You pick 2nd to last in this round and then again right after the guy behind you. The chances of them taking that running back you want are slim to none since he already has so many. And it’s likely they will need a wide receiver since they haven’t drafted one.

In this situation, you can get that stud wide receiver and still expect to get your running back that you wanted.

You draft by heart

I have this girl in a league I play in every year who loves and I mean loves the Saints. Every year, I can pick who she will draft. It’s the same team every year and she always loses.

Her first pick is always Drew Brees. Second pick is always Jimmy Graham. Third pick is always Marques Colston. You get the picture here.

Now, Brees and Graham isn’t really a bad first and second round choice. But it’s from the 3rd round on, that she screws the pooch.

Colston is definitely not 3rd round material. But to add insult to injury, she will make sure she gets all her Saints players. She will take the Saints kicker and defense in the middle rounds and if there are any players left from the Saints, she will do all she can to get them on her team.

I’m sure you have someone in your league, or perhaps even yourself, who drafts because they like a team.

I draft for need and value. It can be hard to take certain players though. I hate the Baltimore Ravens, but if I have a chance to get a decent player, I’ll take them regardless of how much I hate them. Although this year I got screwed by Ray Rice, it was still a good pick where I got him. Next year, I won’t get screwed by any Ravens players. I won’t be taking any of them since none of them can play.

So there you have it. The 5 reasons your team sucks at fantasy sports. Next time you play fantasy sports; remember these 5 things and your team won’t suck as bad.

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