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The benefits of playing daily fantasy sports

One of the fastest growing businesses online is daily fantasy sports. It’s becoming a billion dollar industry and you don’t want to miss out on it.

Fantasy football alone is a worldwide, billion dollar industry. It’s one of the most popular past times for sports enthusiasts and even those who nothing about the game. Stadiums are even putting in Wi-Fi so that people can check their stats during the game. They also post fantasy stats on the scoreboard during games.

Almost all major sports have a fantasy league going somewhere. Hockey, baseball, football and soccer all have followers.

If you’re into playing fantasy, you’ll love daily fantasy sports.

The problem with most fantasy leagues is, you only get to draft once. Part of the fun and one of the most exciting parts of fantasy sports is the draft. We wait all year for this one day and its over in a short time.

With daily fantasy, you can draft every day, all day!

Daily fantasy leagues allow you to draft as often as they run, which is usually a lot.

You can also play more than one game at a time. The games run all day and every time there is a game being played.

The best benefit of playing daily fantasy is the ability to win lots of cash. In a standard fantasy league, you need to wait until the league is finished to get your money. With daily fantasy, you get paid as soon as the games are over. In sports like basketball (NBA Daily Fantasy), you can get your winnings at the end of the day.

Some people have made living by playing daily fantasy sports. We’re talking in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of the top players. You don’t need to make that kind of money, but you can easily bring in 4 or more figures a year.

Another benefit is the bonuses and free games. Most sites will give you a bonus for signing up and making a deposit. This gives you more money to play games with. You can also get entry into free rolls and free games that let you win real money.

All in all, playing daily fantasy sports is a great way to get your fix of fantasy sports all the time. Not to mention all the money you can win in the process.

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Ivan Yau is an avid NBA Daily Fantasy player, writer, and consultant.


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