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NBA Daily Fantasy: Hot and Not

NBA Daily Fantasy Hot and Cold Edition  

Whether you are playing poker, gambling on sports, or playing daily fantasy, everybody hits their hot streaks and cold streaks. The cold streak is often the downfall of a DF player, however those who can endure them by managing their bankroll are those who end up profitable. When you get hot, you get all sorts of false confidence and start managing your bankroll poorly. I recommend you find a set amount and limit your spending for the next two weeks every other Sunday. This way if you are on a bit of a hot streak you can spend a little more of your weeks bankroll, and when you go cold you can take it easy for a day or two.

Now let’s get to Fridays Hot and Cold players.


Jordan Farmar ($5600) Just returned from a hamstring injury to play 33 minutes while scoring 21 points to go along with 8 assists.

Jared Sullinger ($6200) doesn’t have the best matchup Friday but in his past three contests he has scored 46, 37, and 46 FDP.

Blake Griffin ($9800) Is coming of a career night against the Miami Heat where he scored 43 points, grabbed 16 rebounds and doled out 6 assists.

Randy Foye ($6500) has been playing around 40 minutes a game since Nate Robinson went down with an ACL injury, and the production has been there. In his past four contests he has 50, 33, 30, and 39 Fanduel points.


Carmelo Anthony ($10,100) Is overpriced for the production we have seen from him in his last five games. The Knicks as a whole are struggling now and the weight is getting to Carmelo. In these last 5 games he has struggled to make it to 40 fanduel points.

Kyrie Irving ($8200) Cleveland is a mess right now. They couldn’t even stick with the Lakers on Wednesday night and Kyrie deserves a lot of the blame. After a stellar 2012-2013 season his production has steadily dropped this year.
Paul George ($8100) is touted as one of the NBA’s best all-around players, but it hasn’t shown of late. In his past 10 games he has only reached value twice, in games vs the Clippers and the Kings.

Michael Carter-Williams ($7800) has hit the rookie wall. The long season is starting to get to Carter-Williams and boy is it showing. Early in the season he was shooting great from the three point line, getting a crazy number of steals and assisting the ball with ease. Look for Carter-Williams to get back to those numbers after the all-star break, but until then stay away.

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  • wscooby

    great writeup foles, loved it.

  • cxt7

    Nice picks opened my eyes to Randy Foye, I hadnt considered him tonight

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