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NBA Daily Fantasy – What You Need To Know – Part 2

Daily Fantasy – What You Need To Know – Part 2 

In last week’s article we talked about the different kinds of games you can play (H2H, GPP, 50/50) Along with some basic winning tips (Injury news, Value players, pricing, and spreads) This week we will go further into determining value from a player, GPP strategy, and what games to avoid.

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Winning Tips

Luckboxing – Luckboxing is a very important part to placing high up in a large tournament. Luckboxing is when you pick a player who is almost guaranteed to barely be owned on the night, and hoping they can ball out for just one game. My prime example of this was in Fanduel’s huge NFL tournament this past fall, the guy who won the entire tournament was one of the only people who played Geno Smith at their quarterback position. Geno happened to far outperform his value, and allowed the player to spend on stars at other positions.

Value – In the now non-existent Fanduel chat, one would constantly see users badgering over whether a player was worth picking or not. There are a few different formulas for calculating a players value on a given night. The one I have been most successful using is 5x a players price = their minimum output for the night. For example last night I played Ray Allen who was priced at $3600 so the minimum amount of points he needed to score for him to be considered a winning player was 3.6 X 5 = 18. He ended up playing a great game finishing with 28.9 fantasy points, far exceeding his value and making him a great pickup.


Multi Entry GPPs – Although Multi Entry games have prize pools that one could easily salivate over, I don’t recommend playing in these games if you only are playing one lineup for the night. However if you can’t decide between 2 players at a certain position and are extremely confident in the rest of your players on the night, go for it.

Research Tools – Websites like www.Thefakebasketball.com (subscription required), www.breakdownsheets.com, and www.numberfire.com all analyze things like strength vs position, defensive ratings, matchups, etc and should help in building a winning lineup.

Separate Yourself From Your Squad – A mistake I caught myself making a lot as a rookie player was overdrafting players from my local teams. I was taking Knicks and Nets players night in and night out, even if they were constantly under producing. Just because their games were airing on local television, it doesn’t give you a good enough reason to constantly stack your local team.

Next week I will debut my picks of the day column, stay posted in the comment section for more details.

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  • cxt7

    Great Info!!!!

  • sonicattack

    Luckboxing can definitely be key on large slates especially if that player normally has high upside but it somehow seen as contrarian for no specific reason (personal bias, he’s busted for them before, not the best dvp matchup, etc.)GPPs are tough. Best to have a cash game LU core then build off that into GPPs rather than construct two separate entities. Always follow Twitter feeds leading up to LU lock. Solid info here, folks! 🙂

    • Brian M

      agree on the fact that gpps are tough, its so hard to consistently be in the top 10% , personally i have been on a roll in condia’s three man leagues

      • Ivan Y

        You play against Condia? Why? He is like the best Daily Fantasy player.

        • Brian M

          hes on a coldstreak

  • Mattbell21

    Nice work keep it up

  • Scott Wallace

    Thanks for the info! Appreciate it!

  • wscooby

    Great article, I will continue to read here. Thank you.

  • joe v.

    nice article… great intro to bring more people to dfs

    • Brian M


  • Putz

    I never heard the name Luckboxing but it is a tremendous concept. Thanks for the article!

    • Brian M

      Thanks a lot, i didnt coin the term myself but love it myself

  • Ivan Y

    I’ve been playing Daily Fantasy Sports for over a month now, and I’ve been struggling. Keep sharing secrets on how to win!

  • Rad Rob

    That was short, I was expecting more. What day will you be posting your next article? Thanks for putting in the time for us.

    • Ivan Y

      I spoke to Brian, and he will have 1 article published every week between Mon-Thu. If you want to share your Dally Fantasy lineups, please check out our FORUM –> http://forum.oddsandpots.com/index.php

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