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NBA Daily Fantasy – What You Need to Know

NBA Daily Fantasy – What You Need to Know  

Daily Fantasy is an extremely fast growing industry. It’s great for people who like seeing results right away, rather than sitting around for a whole season tinkering your lineup, racing to the waiver wire, and having only one payout. Daily fantasy is as simple as it sounds, depending on the website you belong to (I play mostly on Fanduel) you will have a given salary to draft a team of players. Just like any fantasy league a player will be awarded a certain amount of points for each rebound, assist, steal, point, and turnover they have.

There are a few different kinds of daily games out there

Head to Head (H2H) – On the main screen in the lobby there will be plenty of head to head games available at all different price ranges. You can chose the person you are matched up against out of the list of available games, or create your own and challenge a friend. Tip – avoid players who have a ton of games listed, in the industry these players are known as “sharks” and feast on the weaker new players.

League – A league is a player created game that must fill in order to be played. The player who creates the league can chose the size, the payout structure, and the buy in.

50/50 –  In this type of game, half the players will cash and half wont. The size of these games varies, but the payout structure is always the same.

Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournament (GPP) –   In GPP tournaments the top 10% of the players cash. These games are the most lucrative but by far the hardest to cash in. The smallest prize is often 3x your buy in, and on fanduel in the $25 NBA GPP the top prize is $9,000.

Heres a screenshot from a lineup I used for a couple h2h games a couple days ago.


Winning Tips

Check injury news – Websites like www.rotoworld.com and twitter accounts like @sports_25tolife constantly post injury news about players, and if you have an injured player on your team once rosters lock at 7PM (EST) you might as well turn off your TV and go to bed because you have a player whose putting up a guaranteed zero points in your lineup.

Find Value Plays – Using these same websites and twitter accounts you will find out who is replacing the injured players. These players are often lower priced and can absorb a ton of minutes while said player is out.  For example when Dwyane Wade sits out in the second half of a back to back, players like Michael Beasley and Norris Cole earn some more minutes. Minutes often translate to fantasy points.

Avoid Improperly Priced Players – On Fanduel I play with a goal of having each of my non studs hitting 5x their price. For example if Dirk Nowitzki is priced at 7700 I’d expect 38 points or more out of him that night or drafting him wasn’t worth it. For players priced above 10k I shrink my expectations to x4.5 price.

Look at the Vegas Spreads – In blowouts stars tend to play a lot fewer minutes than they would in a close game. If you pay a premium price for a player like Kevin Durant, and he’s killing it through three quarters, but the teams already up by 30 points, chances are he’ll sit the whole fourth quarter on the bench. Also check the over under, in higher scoring games there are more points to go around, therefore creating more fantasy points in the game.

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  • Tyler Beard

    Awesome article, great starting point for new players in DFS

  • Insider

    good advice could have used it when i was starting up

  • Ivan Y

    Thanks for sharing Brian. I enjoy daily NBA fantasy – but it is quite hard to cash large in GPPs. I prefer 50/50s to lower the variance.

  • Brian

    Great Article especially for new players or even the ones that are looking for how to get started

  • Brian M

    Thanks guys! check back for my newest installment later on this week!!

  • Forest

    Appreciate the link, it’s very informative and it’s in my bookmarks!

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  • Putz

    Following those four points at the end of the article will win someone some good cash over time. Thanks for the thoughts!

  • wscooby

    Thank you so much for the “the starter set” of DFS. Good tips.

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