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Make More Money at Poker By Finding the Right Table (Table Selection)

Playing online poker has many advantages. Some of these, players don’t care to take use of either. With the wealth of information right at your fingertips, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t be making more money at online poker.

Sure, everyone else has this information, but it’s the ones who use it and know how to use it effectively, that make all the money.

One of the more important aspects of being a winning player is playing in games you can beat. We would all love to sit and play with the big names once, but do you really want to play in a game with good players on a regular basis?

Table selection is a very important part of being a winning poker player – especially when playing online.  Players often let ego in the way of making money and try to prove themselves by sitting with good players. I don’t know about you, I prefer to sit with a bunch of out of towners who are worse than me. Let the other players prove themselves, while I rake in the chips.

So how do we find a good game when playing online?

There are numerous ways to do this that take little effort and time.

The first is by tagging bad players you come across while playing. Most sites let you enter notes, or put some kind of color coded tag on a player. This lets easily spot the good and bad players.

Some sites even let you add buddies so that when they are online, it will show you where they are at.

The best way to find a good table is by using the information in the lobby. There are all sorts of data we can use to put ourselves in the best situation. That’s what poker is all about, making your decisions easy by using all the information you have at hand and putting yourself in a good situation?

Average pot

There are a few stats you want to look at to figure out which table is good. First is Average Pot size. This tells you how big the average pot is obviously. The bigger the average the better the table. A low average means not too much money flying around and most likely a bunch of nits or regulars who don’t like to gamble.index

Hands per hour

Playing as many hands as you can is key to making more money. Playing at a slow table is going to lose you money in the long run. Try to find a table with a higher rate of hands being played.

Players per pot

This stat is important as it will tell you just how juicy the table is. A table with a high number of players seeing flops is going to mean a lot of weak players that you can exploit. When a table has a lot of players seeing flops, it means they are probably limping in, not playing too aggressive and calling with weak hands. In short…it should be a good table.

By using these stats does not guarantee you will money, it’s just one part of being a better player. If we just sit down at a random table, we are not giving ourselves the best chance to win. We may get lucky and hit a juicy table, but wouldn’t it be in your best interest to take a minute or so to find that good table from the start.

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