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Top Mistakes Beginner Poker Players Make – And How To Fix Them

When I first started out playing poker, it was still in its infancy as far as popularity goes. I’m an old man in the poker world at a ripe 37, and started playing when I was 20 or so. The internet was still a fad and AOL was what we used to access the World Wide Web.

There was little information out there to learn about poker. You could go to a book store or even your local library and possibly find a poker book, but they were, to be perfectly honest – SHIT!

My first poker book was the infamous “Play Poker like the Pros” by Sir Hellmuth himself. We all know this book, whether we’ve read it or not. It truly lives up to the hype that surrounds it. Not the good hype either, it really was pretty useless, now that I know a little something about poker.

My point here is, playing poker in the old days; you needed to learn the ropes on your own. You didn’t have all these training sites, forums filled with more information than you could find in the Congressional library and virtually no internet poker rooms.

I had no clue what I was doing the first few times and had to lose a decent amount of money before I figured things out. For the longest time, I always thought poker was just about getting good cards. It wasn’t until I started playing online and taking the game serious that I finally started to understand the game.

If I only had the internet and someone to guide me back then, I would have been making money a long, long time ago.

We all still mistakes in poker, but beginners seem to make the most, and the same ones. The good news is, they are easily fixed once recognized. The first step is spotting them. That’s what I’m here for though.

You are about to learn the most common mistakes beginner poker players make and how to correct them.





Entering a pot without raising is called limping in the poker world. This is by far the most common mistake you will see. Whenever you want to enter a pot, raise, don’t limp. You open yourself up to a world of other problems.

Slow Playing

When new players get a big hand like Aces, they love to try and trap with them. They see it on TV and think its how you play all your big hands. Big hands are hard enough to get as it is, that you should be looking to get as much money in as possible.

When you try and slow play, you often find that your opponents catch cards they otherwise wouldn’t have and you lose the hand. The correction is simple. When you get big hands, bet them!

Playing too big

What I mean by playing too big is by playing limits that your bankroll can’t handle. If you only have $100, you shouldn’t be playing the game that lets you buy in for your whole bankroll. Especially when you first start out. You’ll find that even in low limit games, you will see a decent amount of competent players.

When first starting out, you should be playing very small. If you play online, you can find games with 1 cent blinds. I usually don’t recommend playing this small, but it’s a good place to learn the ropes. Definitely never play any higher than a 10 cent blind.

When playing live, stick to the lowest table limit you can find.

There are many other mistakes new players make, but these are the most common and costly. We will likely do a follow up to this post and shed some light on other mistakes your probably making.

For now, let those sink in and try to correct them.



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