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Turkey Day Football

Thanksgiving Day Lineup Advice

Thanksgiving boasts three matchups in the NFL this year, which means a small slate on your daily fantasy website. MY FAVORITE! On days like Thanksgiving research is a must. In the early game the Lions kickoff against the Bears, then later the Eagles and Cowboys go head and head in a key divisional matchup, all culminating with the nightcap of Seattle vs San Francisco.

Lions vs. BearsĀ 


Reggie Bush-RB-DET- (QUEST)

Bush practiced this week at a limited basis, however he has missed four out of the last six games due to his nagging ankle injury. While it does look like he will be playing this week, don’t expect to see a full strength Reggie Bush out there if you decide to play him.


Golden Tate-WR-DET

While Calvin Johnson was out with an injury, Tate and quarterback Matt Stafford teamed up for some statistically impressive games. However, when Calvin came back all that would end right? Wrong, in the three games since Johnson came back Tate has 247 yards to Johnson’s 230. Part of this is due to the extra attention Johnson draws, but Stafford and Tate are developing some good chemistry on the offensive side of the ball.


Alshon Jeffery/Brandon Marshall-WR-CHI

Unless the game turns out to be an onslaught, the two big time wide receivers for the Chicago Bears rarely combine for games where both players were worth their price. Its one or the other. This season, Marshall has struggled a little bit so if you were going to pick one of the two I would go with Jeffery, however Marshall is talented enough to get most of Cutler’s attention and keep Jeffery from being worth his price tag.

Cowboys vs. Eagles


Jeremy Maclin-WR-PHI

Since Mark Sanchez has filled in for the injured Nick Foles, Maclin has not seen as many balls thrown his way. During the preseason when Foles was getting work with the first team guys, Sanchez was throwing balls to most of the backups including rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who has been his favorite target since taking over the starting job.


Lesean Mccoy- RB-PHI

It took a while, but the Eagles offensive line is healthy… for the most part. Shady is starting to look like last seasons version of himself, and there is nothing Mccoy likes more than a little inner division rivalry action. Look for Mccoy to get a ton of touches and slice through the Cowboys defense for a touchdown or two.

Demarco Murray-RB-DAL

Murray is the current alpha dog of all NFL running backs and the Cowboys know it. He leads the NFL in rushing, and they will give him his touches. While he may come with a hefty price tag, the 5.1 yards per attempt and 1,354 yards back it up completely. Murray has just as much upside as anyone in this game, with a much smaller downside.


Mark Sanchez-QB-PHI

“Sanchez has thrown for 300 yards in his last three starts” they say. However this season he has thrown 6 interceptions and fumbled 5 times. While he is the cheapest quarterback of the day, he comes with a lot of risk. If he can manage to throw for those 300 yards turnover free, you’ll look like a genius for playing him, but if he is pulling a Mark Sanchez and turning the ball over left and right in a nationally televised game. You’ll feel stupid.

Seahawks vs 49ers


Frank Gore-RB-SF

The consistency hasn’t been there for Gore this season. Last week gore had 36 yards on 13 carries, so understandably so the coaches turned to rookie running back Carlos Hyde, who ended up scoring the go ahead touchdown. If Gore cant get it going early the coaches will have no problem incorporating Hyde into the run game.


Marshawn Lynch- RB-SEA

Lynch has been in the media a good amount lately. Something he hates. However when asked if he will be ready to go Thursday he said he was ‘without a question’ ready for the ever so important game Thursday night. Both teams are 7-4 and primed to make a late season push to get into the playoffs. Lynch is a player who has been around a while and understands what it takes to both, be ready for a Thursday game, and give the extra effort to get his team in the playoffs.


Anquan Boldin-WR-SF

With Seattle’s secondary boasting the likes of Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas it is hard to predict the matchups that they will come out with. With the feud Crabtree and Sherman have, i’d expect the Seahawks to give Sherman a chance to blanket Crabtree a little to try and get into his head. Leaving Boldin with CB2 on him which would allow for a little more seperation. However the matchups are too hard to predict and ill be staying away from SF wide receivers.

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