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How to Manage a Daily Fantasy Football Roster

The key to winning daily fantasy football leagues is to spend money wisely, i.e., managing your daily fantasy football roster in a cost effective way.  We covered the basics on this a few weeks ago on this site. This is done by mining weekly gems (i.e., guys who over perform their value) with pricey studs that you know will produce when needed.  While daily leagues give you the freedom to choose whatever player you prefer, there are some methods we recommend to get more money in your pocket.  Every player in football can be great for you–at the right price and matchup.  The following are tips on how to manage a daily fantasy football roster.

If possible, avoid those divisional Thursday night games.

With the Giants dismantling the Redskins, the Falcons humiliating the Bucs and the Packers dominating the Vikings; the Thursday night divisional games so far have been blowout games that are hard to project for fantasy owners.  Blowouts and offensive struggles can occur because the teams aren’t as healthy and rested as they would be if they played on a Sunday.  With divisional games, the teams know each other so well that scoring can be limited.  Even if your player is on a winning side, he could get pulled or they can stop throwing with such a comfortable lead.  Case in point; last week Packers WR, the leading fantasy receiver caught one 66-yard scoring bomb early against the Vikings—12 easy points.  He could’ve been on his way to a really big night; but the Vikings were missing Teddy Bridgewater and their defense couldn’t hold on short rest.  It was great for Eddie Lacy and the Packers defense.  The Colts tangle with the Texans this week and there are plenty of fantasy implications–tread carefully.

Target craptastic defenses and evaluate which teams stop what. 

The Patriots have a great secondary but can be run on.  The Eagles make life hard for running backs but their passing defense is a most gracious host, especially to wide receivers.  The Cardinals can’t cover tight ends.  The Bills get sacks and can’t be run on but don’t matchup particularly well with great wideouts.  The Saints, Jaguars, and Raiders don’t play run or pass defense well.

You don’t need to spend major bucks on top quarterbacks.  One of the best ways of daily fantasy football management Particularly in leagues that offer 4 points for touchdowns; there isn’t a need to spend 15-20% of your daily fantasy football bankroll on passers.  The variance just isn’t there.  Avoid shelling out top bucks for a Andrew Luck or a Peyton Manning and use that money instead for big play wideouts—that is the trend in the NFL and you should take advantage.

Running backs are interchangeable– Go big with big wide receivers.  Running backs are starting to be more interchangeable as timeshares are all the rage and the NFL passing game evolves.  We can’t tell you how many times we look on the lower standings of 50/50 leagues and see players who went heavy on quarterbacks and running backs and light on receivers.  Time for a rethink, daily fantasy community!

We like two or our three receivers to be at least 6’2″. With the exception of Antonio Brown and maybe Steve Smith and/or Mike Wallace, what other guys under six-foot are going to get in the end zone with regularity? There are some PPR beasts out there that are shorter but relevant in daily leagues, but you get big points for scores, and big guys score.  Mammoth wideouts Kelvin Benjamin and Brian Quick are getting a lot of targets because of precisely this size advantage and can be quite a bargain on certain weeks.  Smaller wideouts like Jeremy Maclin, T.Y Hilton and Brandin Cooks are playmakers that do see volume, but the variance.   If you insist on going expensive at RB1 mix your big-time back with an RB2 who is under-the-radar.  We like running backs who don’t share carries (no C.J. Spiller) and are involved in the passing game.   Typically these guys will be tied to a dynamic quarterback.  Think of Khiry Robinson the last three weeks- his price never went over $5,000 on FanDuel. Don’t go too heavy with two Steven Ridley/Andre Williams types (all running – no passing game involvement).

Don’t shop off the Injury Report. This may seem logical but don’t shop on the “Questionable” list.  .  Leave those struggles to seasonal owners.  There are far too many healthy options, even on heavy-bye weeks to take a chance on guys listed as “Questionable.  I don’t pity daily leaguers who rolled the dice on Megatron at the usual Megatron price these last two weeks.  Rotoworld is your friend if you endeavor to stay on top of injures and emerging timeshares.  Once you’ve mastered these tips on how to manage a daily fantasy football roster, you will be ready to earn more money on the big contests.  Start small and build your way up, however.

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