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How to Host a Fun Poker Home Game: 5 Tips

How to Host a Fun Poker Home Game: 5 Tips
Play No-Limit Texas Hold’em

Almost everybody knows how to play No-Limit Texas Hold’em and this should be the primary game of choice. However, if you have hardcore poker players in your home game, you can offer other poker variation such as Pot Limit Omaha (which is quite an action game in itself).

Invite 6 to 8 players to play

This is the ideal number of players to play a cash game or a sit-and-go tournament.  Buy-in tournaments should range between $20 to $50 so that it will keep the players interested in playing the game.

Offer appetizers and drinks

If you keep your guests happy with snacks and drinks, they will likely tell their friends and come back for more. Definitely stock up on beers and sodas as well as potato chips, and other finger food munchies. You can also tell each of your friends to bring their own beer or an appetizer to share.

Background mood

You want to create a fun ambiance, and if your poker friends are sports fans, you can definitely have the football game on the background television so that players can watch.  Alternatively, if there are no good sports games on, you can play a fun, upbeat music playlist in the background.

Always have change

Sometimes your friends might not have the exact buy-in so the poker host should always have extra cash to break any large bills if needed.


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