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Poker Wish List for Santa

Ipoker symbolst’s nearing the end of another year. May be you’re up and may be you’re down. I’ve sat down and penned my wish list for Santa this year. I know you’re busy this time of year, Mr. Claus,  but if you can leave these things under my tree, I’d very much appreciate it.

1) Nuts

I know this I the time of year the roasted version, but I’d really appreciate it I could flop the nuts a few more times in 2015. The more nuts I flop, the bigger the cookies you get next year… deal?

2) Yoga classes

It seems that tilt just doesn’t go away on its own. I hear from Mrs. Claus that a few Pigeon poses and Upward Dogs can do a poker player some good. As long as you’re not the instructor.

3) Dr. Dre Headphones

It’s not for their high quality sound.  I need them to block out the grizzled fellow in seat 7 who won’t stop talking about how poker has changed since 1982. If only there were something to block out his hot garbage breath, too.

4) Fish

Now, before you hit the market to find the finest sea bass, that’s not the fish I mean. Can toss a few more poker sets and Hold ‘Em books under the trees all those curious newbies out there? I could sure use to see a few more rookies on the tables in 2015.

5) A full house

Yes, it’s the time of year for family and friends to gather under the spirit of peace and giving. I wish you and everyone a wonderful Christmas Day. Blah blah blah. After the carols are done and the turkey is vanquished, I would love a full house or two to conquer my cut-throat Boxing Day home game. I swear, I haven’t been that naughty so how ’bout a little help?

And to all a victorious night!

… That’s my list, what’s on yours?

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